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Summer 2024 Update

  Dear Friends of the Cannonball Sun, Despite everyone being busy the past few months with classes and internships, we have some significant updates! First, the design plans for our new 2024 car are finished, and the build process began at the end of June. As we celebrated our one-year anniversary of The Cannonball Sun, Kyle Samluk and Russ Pline were hard at work building the chassis. This past month, Danny has been installing the wheels, steering, and braking systems. A huge thanks to Holden Corporation’s generous donation of machining critical suspension parts. This summer also included a slight branding change. With our new solar car, we are sunsetting the name Pink Skies. We are excited to announce that our new solar car for the summer of 2024 will be dubbed NY2LA. The inspiration for this name comes from our goal to race from New York to Los Angeles, with “2” embodying the direction we are headed while simultaneously demonstrating our second attempt at the journey.   In addition

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