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Building A Solar Car

  BUILDING A SOLAR CAR Solar cars seem like they’re future, complex, super-expensive technology, right? How much of our global warming crisis could be solved if we all drove solar cars? No buying gas! This technology could be closer than you think. Would you imagine that 3 college kids could build a solar car in a garage with only a small amount of money? AND that car could drive from NY to LA on ONLY SUN power?   We wanted to show you all how to use sunshine as 100% of the fuel to operate a car. There are only 6 different key components to do that:   1) The sun. The sun is made of mostly hydrogen. This hydrogen is undergoing what is called nuclear fusion. This happens when two hydrogen atoms collide and ‘ fuse ’ a larger atom. It’s a chemical reaction which emits a lot of energy. This fusion reaction is the reason for life on Earth. It warms our planet, feeds our plants, and powers our solar panels.   2) The solar array. Similar to how plants use the sun for photosynthe

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