Official Race Information

The Cannonball Sun is a new style of solar car racing. There is no set route, there are no control stops, there is no scrutineering, and there are no start and end dates. Driving during the night, exotic battery chemistries, and large solar panel arrays are not only allowed but encouraged.

The Cannonball Sun runs between the Redball Garage in New York City and the Portofino Hotel in Los Angeles. There are two primary rules:

  1. Sunpower only

  2. No law-breaking

  • Cars must be powered solely by solar energy collected from the sun. Cars are allowed to start with a fully charged battery. Cars must carry all powertrain components, including the array, with them at all times once the journey is started. No source other than solar energy collected from solar panels is allowed to move the vehicle.

  • Cars must be legally registered for on-road use and follow all rules of the road.

The fastest solar car between these two points has all time bragging rights. will serve as the official scorekeepers. In order to participate, all a team must do is provide adequate proof of their journey. Our current car, Pink Skies, is the only known car being built for this race and we are hopefully looking forward to several other cars/teams competing. Several collegiate teams have already expressed serious interest in competing in the event.

The goal of the event is to build a solar car to drive across the continental US as fast as possible. Beyond racing, we hope the Cannonball Sun will encourage the awareness and use of clean energy. With the cancelation of the World Solar Challenge and other solar car racing events, we view this event as an exciting alternative that can be safely completed, keeping COVID-19 guidelines in mind. There is no registration fee, and we encourage anyone to compete in the challenge, whether it be high school, collegiate, individual, or professional teams.

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in an automatic disqualification. Additionally, it is at the discretion of the Cannonball Sun organizers to not recognize any team/car that is believed to be interpreting the rules unfairly or breaking any of the rules. Will Jones and Kyle Samluk are encouraging others to compete in this event with us, but can not be held responsible or accountable for any stupid decisions that result in injury or damages.


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