Summary of Michigan Mock Cannonball Sun Test Race

Over the past few days, our team embarked on an exhilarating journey across Michigan as part of our preparation for the upcoming Cannonball Sun event. This test race was crucial for fine-tuning Sun Strider, our solar-powered car, and testing its capabilities under real-world conditions. Here’s a detailed recap of our experience:

Day 1: Haslett to Traverse City (Approx. 184.4 miles, Average Speed: 29.54 mph) Our journey began in Haslett, Michigan, where we set out towards Traverse City. Despite initial concerns, Sun Strider exceeded expectations with its efficiency. We encountered minor motor issues but quickly resolved them, ensuring a smooth start to our adventure.

Day 2: Traverse City to Mackinaw City to Alpena (Approx. 192.5 miles, Average Speed: 32.2 mph) On the second day, we pushed Sun Strider further, traveling from Traverse City to Mackinaw City and then onward to Alpena. The highlight was setting a new team record of 192.5 miles in a single day. Challenges included a brief motor malfunction, expertly managed by our dedicated team.

Day 3: Alpena Back to Haslett (Approx. 224 miles, Average Speed: 32.6 mph) The final leg of our test race took us from Alpena back to our starting point in Haslett. Despite encountering rough road conditions and soaring temperatures, Sun Strider performed admirably, completing 224 miles and setting another team record. We finished well ahead of schedule, underscoring our vehicle’s reliability and efficiency.

Overall Performance and Insights Throughout the test race, Sun Strider demonstrated remarkable efficiency, averaging just 32.16 watt-hours per mile. This translates to an impressive equivalent of approximately 1050 miles per gallon, showcasing its potential as a sustainable transport solution.

Preparations for the Cannonball Sun The data collected during this mock race will be invaluable as we prepare for the Cannonball Sun event. It has provided critical insights into Sun Strider’s performance across varied terrains and weather conditions. We are now focusing on refining our strategy, enhancing vehicle components, and addressing any remaining challenges before the main event.

Looking Ahead As we reflect on our Michigan test race, we are filled with optimism and determination. The success of Sun Strider in traversing diverse landscapes reaffirms our commitment to promoting sustainable mobility. With the support of our team and partners, we are confident in Sun Strider’s ability to tackle the upcoming challenges of the Cannonball Sun.

Stay tuned as we continue to share updates and preparations leading up to our epic journey from New York to Los Angeles. Together, let’s embrace innovation and sustainability with Sun Strider!

We Still Need Your Help So far we have collected $3,500 of the $5,000 we need to complete the trip. The money will go to some necessary spare parts for our trip such as a motor, tubes, tires, and critical steering/suspension components. The money will also help pay for some food on our trip!

  1. Mail a Check:

    • Address: 1297 Spicewood Dr. Okemos, Michigan 48864

    • Please include a note with your name as you want it to appear on the car.

  2. Venmo:

Thank you to everyone who has already donated! Be sure to come see your name on the car Friday June 21st at 7:00 pm 5707 School St. Haslett, MI.


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