Race Day Four Update

Race Day #4

The Cannonball Sun Team started the day with food, family, and sun in Brecksville, Ohio. We were very grateful for a good night’s rest and a solid meal to start the day. We got a late start because we discharged our batteries lower than we liked the day before and decided to take advantage of the excellent sun and collect some energy.

Once we got on the road, we knew there was bad weather ahead, but we continued to push on. Around 50 miles in, we experienced a colossal summer thunderstorm, and we were forced to pull the car into the trailer. Once the storm passed, we were blessed with clear skies for about an hour until we hit another storm, and we had to pull over under a small covering to protect the car. 

At this point, it was about 7 PM, and we could see on the radar we had another storm coming our way.  We had to pick up our pace and get to the nearest hotel we could find to beat the storm. We ended the day in Tiffin, Ohio. We finished the day with a frustrating 90.16 miles and about half of the energy we have been regularly collecting. We were lucky to have Kyle’s Mom meet us at the hotel in Tiffin to cheer up our wet, tired spirits. The weather for day #5 looks much better, so we are looking forward to clear skies and hopefully avoiding more rain.

Current Mileage Total: 580

Miles to LA: 2479


  1. It was great to meet you yesterday. Sorry you got slowed down but the storms. Wishing you clear skies ahead! Best of luck!


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