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Hello and Welcome!! For those of you who do not already know, I am Will Jones, an engineering student at the University of Michigan. My best friend, Kyle Samluk, is an engineering student at Michigan Technological University. During a long fall semester of online classes and football-less Saturdays, we dreamed of driving a solar car from New York City to Los Angeles using only power from the sun. Throughout the new year, we have been building a solar car we have named, Pink Skies.

Our plan is to depart from Okemos, Michigan, on June 22nd to New York City. This is where we will begin our cross-country adventure. The drive from New York City to Los Angeles is about 3,000 miles. As we drive our solar car across the United States, we will have a support truck towing a trailer with spare parts to help us complete our trip. In addition, Danny Ezzo, an engineering student at Michigan Technological University, will join us and help keep Pink Skies safely on the road.

We are hoping to be able to complete our drive across the country in under 12 days. This can be accomplished by driving 250-300 miles per day using only energy collected from our solar panels.

We are hoping to fundraise all $3,000 before leaving New York City. With a 3,000-mile trip costing around $3,000, any funds raised will get us one mile from NY to LA. We have broken the 3,000 mile trip into 100 sections of 30 miles and are looking for 100 donors (not named Mom or Dad) to contribute $30 each. This will fund our trip and help us in making our cross-country adventure a reality. In return for a $30 donation, we will add your name to our vehicle and our website. We will also provide details of our progress and share pictures of our journey to Los Angeles. We thank everyone in advance for your generosity and for playing a huge part in getting Pink Skies through this adventure.

To contribute, please Venmo our official Cannonball Sun Venmo @thecannonballsun or mail a check to
1297 Spicewood Drive, Okemos, MI 48864.  Thank you for your support.


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