Welcome to The Cannonball Sun

Kyle Samluk (L) and Will Jones (R)
Welcome to The Cannonball Sun! My name is Will Jones, and I am the founder and team manager.  Currently, the team consists of myself and Kyle Samluk, my best friend and the chief engineer of our car, Pink Skies.

CAD model of Pink Skies

The Cannonball Sun is the solar car version of The Cannonball Run, it is a race from New York to Los Angeles with only three rules:

1) Sunpower Only 
2) No law-breaking

No one has ever driven from NY to LA in a solar car, and if we succeed, we will set a world record for solar-powered vehicles. To meet our goal, we have spent the past six months carefully designing, researching, and modifying our car in order to ensure that it will be able to drive 3,100 miles across the country.

Our car, Pink Skies is a high-tech aluminum monocoque chassis type design meant for a single occupant. Our goal for the car is the finish the journey across North America in less than 14 days. Please follow along for more updates on our car and team as we get closer to our journey!


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